Carpet, Tile, Upholstery Cleaning FAQ

Read through our carpet. upholstery and tile cleaning FAQ for answers to your questions. Example upholstery cleaning job brantfordIf you do not see your question below, simple contact us with your question and we’ll be sure to answer it.

1. Are your products safe?

Yes! We use only the best absolute non-toxic carpet, rug and upholstery cleaning products that are 100% safe for everyone including pets and the environment.

2. What carpet & upholstery fabric protecter do you use?

I do not use, nor do I recommend carpet protection as it rarely works as advertised and is unnecessary.

3. How long should I stay off the carpet or upholstery after cleaning?

You do not have to stay off carpets or upholstery, and you can use them right away as long as your feet or clothes are clean.

4. What is your process for dealing with pet stains?

Depending on the nature of the stain, I have different specialized cleaning products and different techniques to address the situation.

5. How often should my carpets & upholstery be cleaned?

Depending on how much traffic they endure, annual cleanings are always recommended to increase their longevity.

6. Can you guarantee that a stain will come out?

Some stains are permanent and impossible to clean. Most spots can be removed but each stain has to be dealt with on a case by case basis.

7. Are carpet & upholstery cleaning chemicals dangerous

No. None of the cleaning chemicals we use are dangerous to humans or animals.

8. Are carpet & upholstery cleaning fumes toxic

No. Our cleaning chemicals are none toxic, but long-term exposure should be avoided.

9. Can you remove dog urine

Animal urine spits can be removed from carpet fibres but not the under-pad.

10. Does carpet cleaning cause mold

No. Professionally carpet cleaning actually removes mold and other unwanted elements.

11. Can carpet cleaning & upholstery remove mold

13no mould remediation is something completely different

12. Can carpet cleaning reduce allergies

Yes. 99% of common allergens and dust are removed from carpets and upholstery with cleaning.

13. Can carpet & upholstery cleaning kill fleas

The high temperatures of the water water can kill flees and the suction removes them.

14. Can carpet & upholstery cleaning kill bed bugs

Bed bugs have to be treated by an exterminator.

15. Can carpet & upholstery cleaning make dogs or cats sick

No. Our cleaning products are safe for the entire family.

16. How much on average does carpet or upholstery cleaning cost

The cost depends on size of area to be cleaned, the number of furniture and/or floors.

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